Unlocking the Powers of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey: A Journey from Hive to Hand

Unlocking the Powers of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey: A Journey from Hive to Hand

Welcome to our product review blog! ​Today, ⁢we are excited to share⁤ our first-hand experience ⁤with the‌ incredible Manukora Raw Manuka Honey, MGO 850+ from‍ New Zealand. This extraordinary honey is not your average sweetener;⁤ it ⁤offers a plethora of ​health ‍benefits that will leave you amazed.

One⁢ of the key attributes​ of this ​honey is its high MGO (Methylglyoxal) concentration.​ MGO is an organic compound found in ​Manuka honey that gives it its unique health properties. With ⁢an impressive MGO rating of 850+, this honey ‌is ‍packed with antioxidants and nutrients that support optimal digestive health and promote a healthy balance of gut microbiota. ⁢

What sets Manukora⁤ apart from other brands is its commitment to quality and sustainability. All of their raw Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand, where‌ they operate an industry-leading traceability system. This means that you ⁣can trace ​your jar of honey all the way⁢ back to the hive it came from –​ talk about transparency!

But it doesn’t stop there. Manukora practices what they‍ call “The Art of Ethical⁤ Beekeeping.” They prioritize the health of the‍ bees, their habitats, and our planet. This commitment⁢ to ethical practices is even further exemplified by their B-Corp certification, which shows ‍their dedication to promoting sustainability and reducing their ecological footprint.

In ‌conclusion, Manukora Raw Manuka Honey is a true gem. Its high MGO rating,⁣ premium quality, ethical beekeeping practices, and sustainability ‍initiatives make it a standout product in the market.⁢ If you’re looking for a honey with superpowers that can support your immune system and digestive health, look no further than Manukora. We highly recommend giving it a try – your taste buds and your body​ will ⁤thank ​you!

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Overview of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey, ⁣MGO 850+ from New ⁤Zealand

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When it comes ​to high-quality⁢ Manuka honey, Manukora Raw Manuka Honey is a⁢ top-notch choice ⁢that stands out from the crowd. This honey is ⁤not your average sweetener – it’s a powerful superfood with incredible health benefits. With an impressive⁢ MGO 850+ rating, this honey is packed with the‌ organic compound Methylglyoxal⁢ (MGO) that gives it its unique and potent⁣ healing properties. The⁤ higher the MGO concentration,⁢ the more health benefits you can enjoy.

What sets Manukora ​Raw ​Manuka Honey apart is the premium quality that comes from its ​production in New Zealand. This country is‌ renowned for its pristine ‍environment and strict regulations on honey production. Manukora takes things ​a ⁤step further by implementing‌ an industry-leading traceability system. With this, you can easily trace every jar of honey from the hive it came from to the moment it reaches your hands – ⁣giving ‌you complete peace​ of mind about its authenticity and quality.

But ⁢it’s not just about the honey itself – it’s also about the way it’s produced. Manukora practices ethical beekeeping, known as The Art of Ethical Beekeeping.‍ This approach prioritizes the well-being of the bees, their⁤ habitats, and the planet. By ensuring healthy bee colonies⁢ and sustainable practices, Manukora creates honey that you can feel good ⁣about consuming. As a certified B-Corporation, Manukora is actively committed to ‍promoting sustainability and ⁣reducing their ecological footprint.

If you’re⁣ looking for a delicious way‍ to support your digestive health and⁢ boost ‌your immunity, Manukora Raw Manuka Honey⁣ is the ⁤perfect choice. ​With its antioxidants and nutrients, it aids in optimal digestive health and ⁢supports a balanced microbiota in the gut. Don’t miss out on experiencing the ‌health benefits of⁣ this phenomenal honey – ‍click here ⁣to get ‍your jar of Manukora ‌Raw Manuka Honey from Amazon today!

Highlighting the Unique Features of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey

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When it comes to‍ natural health products, Manukora Raw Manuka Honey stands out from the rest with its unique features. One of the key elements that sets this honey apart is its high MGO (Methylglyoxal) concentration. MGO is the organic compound⁣ responsible for Manuka honey’s exceptional health properties, and⁣ with an MGO rating of 850+, this honey packs a powerful punch. With higher MGO levels, you can be confident in the effectiveness of this honey for daily digestive and immune support.

What truly sets Manukora Raw ‍Manuka Honey⁢ apart is its commitment to premium quality and ethical‌ beekeeping. This honey is ‍produced ‍in New Zealand, where the company ​operates an industry-leading traceability system. This means ‌that you can ⁣trace ​the⁢ journey of your honey from hive to hand. This transparency not only showcases the company’s dedication to quality but also ensures⁤ that you’re getting a product you can trust.

As a ⁤certified B-Corporation, Manukora⁢ proudly promotes sustainability ​and responsible sourcing. They prioritize the health of the bees, their habitats, and the planet by ‍practicing what they call ​The Art of Ethical Beekeeping. When ‍you choose Manukora, you’re not only choosing a top-quality product, but also ⁤supporting a company‍ that actively works to reduce their ecological footprint.‍

With its⁢ superpowers of antioxidants and nutrients, Manukora’s Monofloral, MGO 850+ Manuka ​Honey is a game-changer for⁢ digestive health and a balanced gut microbiota. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience these unique benefits and ⁢enhance your well-being. Order your jar of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey today by clicking here: [Call to Action]!

Insights and⁢ Recommendations for Optimal Usage of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey

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When it comes to ‍enjoying the benefits of Manukora Raw ‍Manuka‍ Honey, there are a few key‍ insights and ‍recommendations we want⁤ to share with you. This premium-quality honey from New Zealand is not only delicious, ‍but it also‌ offers a range of health‍ benefits ​that can‍ support‍ your daily digestive and immune health. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Mind the MGO: MGO stands for Methylglyoxal, the organic‍ compound responsible for Manuka honey’s⁢ unique health‌ properties. The Manukora ⁣Raw Manuka Honey boasts an impressive MGO 850+ rating, which means ⁣it has a high concentration ⁢of‍ Methylglyoxal. ⁣This ensures that you’re getting the most out of your honey⁢ and optimizing its digestive and immune support‌ benefits.

  2. Embrace ⁤Traceability: We take pride in ⁣our industry-leading traceability system that allows you to trace your Manukora honey from hive to hand. ‍Knowing exactly where‍ your honey comes from and how ⁢it has been produced ensures that you’re getting a premium ‌product that meets the highest standards.⁤ This traceability system ​also gives you peace of mind, knowing that your honey has been ethically sourced and produced‌ in New Zealand.

To experience​ the incredible powers of Manukora Raw Manuka⁤ Honey and boost your digestive health,⁢ immune system,⁢ and overall well-being, get your jar today! Click here⁤ to purchase on ‌Amazon. Trust​ us, your⁣ body will thank you.

Insights and Recommendations Benefits
High MGO ‍rating of 850+ Maximizes health‍ properties⁤ and supports digestive⁤ health
Industry-leading traceability system Ensures premium quality and⁣ ethical sourcing
Made in New Zealand Guarantees superior⁤ quality and authenticity
Practices⁢ ethical beekeeping Prioritizes the ‌health of bees, their habitats, and​ our planet
Certified B-Corporation Actively promotes ‌sustainability and reduces ⁣ecological ‌footprint

Remember, the key to unlocking‍ the full potential of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey lies in consistent usage. Incorporate it into your ⁤daily ⁤routine, whether it’s by adding a ‍spoonful to your tea or spreading it on‌ your favorite ‌toast. Don’t ‍miss out on the opportunity to nurture your body and embrace the magic⁣ of this incredible honey. So why wait?⁣ Grab ‍your jar today and experience the wonders of Manukora ⁢Raw Manuka Honey.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

At Hive to Hand, we value our customers’ ‍feedback and ​take their opinions into consideration. Here’s what some of​ our satisfied customers ‌have to say about the Manukora ⁢Raw​ Manuka Honey:

Review 1:

Manukora ⁢honey sets the standard for excellence with its manuka honey. I have found the honey to have natural digestive⁤ restorative properties, ​and Manukora’s honey is⁤ of the ⁣highest quality. It⁢ is indeed a natural wonder. Thank you, Manukora, for making ⁤it available.

Review 2:

You know you’re getting some​ great⁣ quality honey when ⁤it actually tastes delicious⁢ for manuka honey. It’s also got‍ a nice viscosity, not too‍ liquidy or hard — just right. ⁤The color is a beautiful ⁤medium-dark caramel, which is how manuka honey should look like.

The ⁣8.8 oz jar is indeed small, not much taller than a⁣ stick of lip balm. You’ll only get about 36 teaspoons of honey from this one jar,⁤ so⁣ it’s best if you ⁣save it for special​ cases and emergencies. ⁤My⁤ jar won’t expire until another 4 years⁢ and I hope to keep it that long in my cupboard.

Review 3:

This ‍honey’s really great for colds.⁣ I ⁤had a cold, and​ taking a teaspoon helped relieve my sore throat for a good while. But what makes it special to ​me is that ⁤it has helped me since then *prevent* colds. If I feel a cold coming on, I dab a bit in my nose and I feel back to normal ‌within the day.

So, I think the question most here might⁤ be asking ‍is if UMF 20+ is worth it compared to ​UMF 15+. It really comes down to if⁢ you would like that extra ‍activity (NPA, non-peroxide activity, or sometimes referred to ⁢as MGO). With⁣ UMF ⁢20+, you’ll get an extra 5+ NPA (or 300+ MGO), making this‍ some seriously⁤ potent honey.

Review‌ 4:

After eight months since infection, I finally found a doctor to listen to me, have me tested,​ diagnosed, and now being‍ treated for Lyme Disease and four co-infections. From the very moment I began ⁤to have the⁣ horrifying reality that I may have ‌been infected with⁣ Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria, I knew to quickly get online and get a high+ MGO manuka in my ‌system ASAP.

Over the eight months before finally getting ⁤on the antibiotics I needed, I consistently⁣ have been‍ taking two teaspoons of manuka⁢ honey 2x a day straight from a measuring spoon. This higher MGO is therapeutic so after ‍the first few days of starting⁢ it I first noticed that the daily, lingering fever I was⁢ running for nearly 10 days after getting⁢ bitten had started to dissipate. After a week had passed my symptoms began to lighten ‍up, ‌and the ​foggy head symptom ‍that accompanies Lyme Disease began to clear up enough for me ⁢to dive into reading and researching for what I needed to do to get ahead⁤ of the‌ infection.

Review 5:

Very expensive honey with an exquisite flavor, almost velvety and not too sweet. ⁣I purchased this product for myself and used this⁣ honey ⁢to⁣ sweeten my herbal teas. I ‌like how thick it​ is, as well⁣ as‌ the taste‌ in my​ teas. I also discovered that the manuka honey has healing properties and I will be using ​it with lemon ⁤juice when I have a cold.

Review 6:

Artículo caro, pero podemos asociarlo a su excepcionalidad. Cuando pruebas la ‌miel se nota la diferencia con respecto a otras. Su ‌sabor intenso ⁣y exquisito.

Am I saying that ​Manuka honey killed‍ off the bacteria responsible for Borrelia Burgdorferi, TB Relapsing Fever,⁤ or any of‍ the‍ other bacteria? I have no⁤ way of knowing to what degree it helped nor ⁢does anyone really have any way to determine that,⁢ but I do ‍know and can honestly say that everything began​ to change in my favor once I started it.

It’s evident from these customer reviews that‌ Manukora Raw Manuka Honey​ has impressed our customers with‍ its quality and taste. Customers‌ have experienced various benefits, including ⁢digestive ​restoration, relief from cold symptoms, ‌and assistance in fighting Lyme Disease ‍and other infections . Many customers also appreciate the viscosity and flavor of the honey, and​ find it to be⁢ worth ⁤the price. The ​honey has‌ been described ‍as delicious, velvety, and not too sweet. Overall, the reviews highlight the exceptional​ quality ⁢and effectiveness of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey.

Pros & Cons

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  • The Manukora Raw Manuka Honey has an ⁢impressive‍ MGO 850+⁣ rating, which ensures a high ​concentration of the organic⁤ compound Methylglyoxal, responsible for the honey’s unique⁤ health properties.
  • Produced in New Zealand, the honey is traceable from hive to hand through an industry-leading traceability system, giving ‍consumers peace‌ of mind about its origin and quality.
  • The company follows ethical beekeeping practices known ⁤as The Art of Ethical Beekeeping. This approach prioritizes ‌the health ⁤of⁢ the bees, their habitats, and the protection of⁢ the planet.
  • Manukora is a ⁣certified B-Corporation, meaning it actively promotes sustainability and sources ​its products responsibly,⁤ reducing its ecological footprint.
  • The Monofloral⁤ nature of the honey ensures⁤ a consistent and high-quality product, packed with antioxidants and nutrients that support optimal ‌digestive health and a healthy gut microbiota balance.


  • The premium quality of this honey may⁤ come with a higher price point compared ​to other variants⁤ on the market.
  • Availability may be limited due to the specific ‌sourcing and certifications⁤ required for this product.

Overall, the Manukora Raw Manuka⁣ Honey offers a high-quality option for those seeking the⁢ unique health benefits of Manuka honey. Its impressive MGO⁣ 850+ ⁣rating, traceability from hive to hand, ethical beekeeping practices, and B-Corp certification all ⁣contribute to its appeal. While the price may be higher and availability limited, the⁢ honey’s potent antioxidant and nutritional ⁢content⁣ make it a valuable addition to daily ‍digestive and immune support. Unlocking⁢ the powers of this honey is ⁢truly‌ a journey from hive to⁤ hand.


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Q: What is‌ the ⁣significance of MGO ​850+ in ⁣the Manukora Raw Manuka Honey?

A: MGO stands for Methylglyoxal,⁣ an organic compound that ⁤is responsible for‌ Manuka honey’s unique​ health properties. The MGO⁣ concentration determines the honey’s potency, ⁢and in the case of the Manukora⁢ Raw Manuka Honey, ‌it boasts an impressive MGO‍ 850+ rating. This high MGO level ensures that you’re getting a potent honey ⁣with maximum health benefits.

Q: Where is ⁤the‍ Manukora Raw Manuka Honey produced?

A: All of‍ our raw Manuka ⁣honey is proudly produced in New Zealand. We operate an industry-leading ‌traceability system that allows you to trace your ⁣product from hive to hand, ensuring that you’re getting a genuine ‌and high-quality ⁤product from the pristine lands of​ New ‍Zealand.

Q: What makes ‌Manukora’s beekeeping ⁤practices ethical?

A: At Manukora, we practice what we call The Art of ​Ethical Beekeeping. This means that we prioritize the health of ⁢the bees, their habitats, and our planet. We ‌believe in sustainable and responsible practices that⁣ allow the bees ⁣to thrive in their natural environment, without harming them or depleting their resources. By choosing our ​Manuka honey, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting ethical beekeeping.

Q: What is the significance of Manukora being a certified B-Corporation?

A: Manukora ⁤proudly holds B-Corp certification, which means that ⁣we meet the highest standards of social and environmental ⁤performance, transparency, and accountability. We actively promote sustainability by sourcing our‍ products responsibly and working towards⁢ reducing our ecological footprint.⁤ By purchasing our ⁤Manuka honey,⁣ you’re supporting a company that prioritizes planet-friendly⁢ practices.

Q:⁣ How does Manukora’s Raw Manuka Honey support digestive health⁤ and ⁢microbiota gut balance?

A: Our Monofloral, MGO ⁤850+ Manuka Honey is⁣ packed with antioxidants and nutrients that aid in optimal digestive health. It helps support a healthy microbiota gut balance, which ‍is essential for a well-functioning digestive system. The potent properties of our Manuka honey make it a powerful addition to your daily routine, promoting overall digestive wellness.

Please note: The content⁣ provided is for informational purposes only, and‌ should ⁣not​ substitute professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating new products ​into your wellness routine.

Ignite ‌Your Passion

As we ⁢come to the end of our journey exploring​ the remarkable powers of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey, we can’t help but be in‍ awe of the incredible benefits this product offers. ⁣From hive to ‌hand, this exquisite⁢ honey ‍captures the essence⁤ of New Zealand’s pristine natural environment.

With an MGO ​level of⁢ 850+, this honey is bursting with the organic compound‍ Methylglyoxal,‍ known ‌for its unique health properties. The higher the‌ concentration, the greater the ⁢impact on your well-being. ⁣It’s no wonder Manukora Raw Manuka Honey has become renowned for‌ its ability⁢ to support digestive health and promote a healthy ⁤gut balance.

What sets Manukora apart is their unwavering commitment to ethical beekeeping, ensuring the well-being of the bees, their habitats, and ⁤our planet. The Art of​ Ethical Beekeeping is not just a buzzword – it’s a philosophy that resonates throughout every jar. By choosing Manukora, you’re making​ a conscious choice ‌to support sustainable practices and reduce your ecological footprint.

But it ‍doesn’t end there. Manukora proudly holds B-Corp certification, a⁣ testament to their⁤ dedication to responsible sourcing and sustainability. By purchasing their products, you are not only ‍taking⁣ care of‌ your own health, but ‌also contributing ⁤to ‍a positive impact on the environment.

So, if you’re ready to ⁢unlock the powers of Manukora Raw Manuka Honey and ⁣experience the countless benefits it has to offer, ⁢we ⁤invite you to click here to get​ your⁢ own jar⁢ of this golden elixir. Transform your daily digestive routine and ⁤boost⁤ your immune system with nature’s ultimate superfood.

Click⁢ here to embark on your journey ⁣to enhanced ‍well-being: Manukora Raw Manuka Honey. Let the hive-to-hand journey ​begin.

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