Ultra-Slim USB-C Keyboard: Quiet, Chic, Efficient

Ultra-Slim USB-C Keyboard: Quiet, Chic, Efficient

Welcome, fellow tech enthusiasts, to our latest product⁤ review! Today, ⁢we’re diving into the sleek and versatile world⁣ of keyboards ⁣with the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C Wired Full-Size USB C Keyboard.

In a world where compatibility is king, finding a keyboard that seamlessly integrates with all your devices can be a challenge. But fear ⁣not, because the PERIBOARD-210C is here to‍ save the day. With its USB Type-C connection, this keyboard is‌ a perfect ⁢match for a wide range of devices, from Macs to iPads, Windows to Chromebooks, and even Android tablets and Nintendo Switch.

But compatibility is just the beginning. This keyboard boasts a modern design with chiclet-style keys and a full-size layout, making it a​ stylish addition to ‌any⁢ workspace, whether at home or in the office. And for those who crave a ⁣quiet typing experience, the⁣ stable‍ scissor​ key ⁣switch ensures that your fingers ⁢can dance across the keys​ without disturbing the peace.

But that’s not all. The PERIBOARD-210C is not only‌ designed for individual use ​but also for classrooms​ and shared spaces. ⁢Its wired‍ USB C connection provides a reliable link ⁢without the need for batteries, preventing interference among ⁢devices and⁤ ensuring a steady internet connection, perfect for ​educational environments.

So whether you’re a professional looking for a keyboard that can keep up with your busy schedule, a student in need ‌of a reliable typing companion,‍ or simply someone who appreciates sleek design and quiet functionality, the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C is here to elevate your typing experience to new heights. Join us as‌ we ⁣explore every facet ⁢of this impressive keyboard and uncover why it deserves a place on your desk.

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  <p>Experience the epitome of modern typing with our sleek and versatile <strong>Perixx PERIBOARD-210C Wired Full-Size USB C Keyboard</strong>. Crafted to complement your USB-C devices, this chiclet keyboard boasts a full-size layout and an ultra-slim design, adding a touch of sophistication to your workspace. With the convenience of a wired connection, enjoy uninterrupted typing sessions whether you're at home or in the office.</p>

<p>Indulge in a typing experience like no other with our keyboard's stable scissor key switch mechanism, ensuring quiet and comfortable keystrokes. Say goodbye to noisy distractions while maintaining utmost productivity. Featuring 11 convenient hot keys and media keys (F1-F10), streamline your tasks effortlessly. Compatible with a wide range of devices including Mac, iPad, Windows, Chromebook, tablets, desktops, and laptops, our keyboard is a versatile companion for all your computing needs. Elevate your typing game today with the <a href="https://amazon.com/dp/B08PTFL6N5?tag=jiey0407-20" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">Perixx PERIBOARD-210C</a>.</p>
</section><h2 id="features-and-compatibility">Features and Compatibility</h2><br/><img class="rimage_class" src="https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51zJUd5FowL._AC_.jpg" alt="Ultra-Slim USB-C Keyboard: Quiet, Chic, Efficient"><br/>

Our Perixx PERIBOARD-210C Wired Full-Size USB C Keyboard is‍ designed with modernity and versatility in mind, offering⁣ a plethora‌ of features that cater‌ to ⁢various devices and user preferences. ⁣Crafted with a ‍chiclet keyboard layout and an ultra-slim design, it seamlessly integrates with your USB-C enabled devices, whether it’s‍ a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. ‍The ‍scissor switch mechanism⁤ ensures a ⁢quiet and comfortable typing experience, allowing you to work without disturbing your surroundings.

Modern⁣ Design Aesthetically⁤ pleasing chiclet style keys
Quiet Typing Low profile keys for comfortable typing
Suitable for ‌Classroom Wired USB-C connection prevents interference and‍ ensures reliable internet⁣ connections
System Requirements Compatible⁤ with Windows 7/8/10, Chrome OS, macOS, Android, and⁢ Nintendo‌ Switch

Moreover, this keyboard is not only suitable ⁣for personal use but also ideal⁢ for ​educational environments ⁢such ⁢as classrooms. Its wired USB-C​ connection eliminates the need‍ for ​batteries, ensuring uninterrupted ‍usage and ‍preventing potential disruptions‌ during lessons.​ Plus, with its compatibility across a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, ⁤Chrome OS, and Android, ‍as well⁢ as devices like iPad, iMac, MacBook, and ‌Android tablets, it offers unparalleled versatility for users of all preferences and needs. Elevate your typing ​experience with the​ Perixx​ PERIBOARD-210C ‌ today!

In-Depth Analysis and⁢ Performance

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Delving into the intricacies of the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C Wired Full-Size USB⁣ C Keyboard, ‌we find a meticulously crafted peripheral that seamlessly integrates⁢ with a myriad of devices, ​from‍ Mac and iPad to Windows, Chromebook, ⁢and more. The USB Type C⁢ connection ensures swift and stable communication, eliminating the hassle of tangled wires and providing a reliable​ typing experience. Our team was particularly impressed by the chiclet-style keys, ​which not‍ only enhance the aesthetic‌ appeal of the keyboard but also contribute to a comfortable typing⁢ experience.

One of the standout features of this⁤ keyboard ⁣is its whisper-quiet operation, made possible⁣ by the stable scissor key switch mechanism. Whether you’re working in a bustling ⁤office environment ⁣or a quiet study space, you​ can ‍enjoy​ responsive typing without disturbing those around you.‍ Additionally,​ the inclusion of 11 convenient hot keys and‍ media⁤ keys (F1-F10) adds a ⁣layer of ⁢functionality, allowing for seamless navigation ‌and control ⁢of multimedia content. For those seeking a modern, versatile keyboard solution, the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C proves to be a worthy contender.

Recommendations and Conclusion

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After ⁣thoroughly examining the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C Wired ⁢Full-Size⁤ USB C Keyboard, we can ⁣confidently‌ assert its ​suitability for a wide range of devices and environments.⁢ Its compatibility with various ⁤operating ‌systems, including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and even the Nintendo Switch, makes it a versatile choice for users with diverse setups.

The keyboard’s sleek and modern design, coupled with its quiet typing experience, makes it ​an excellent addition to⁤ any workspace, whether at home or in the office. The inclusion of 11⁢ convenient hot keys and media keys further enhances its⁤ usability, allowing for⁤ quick access to frequently ​used ⁤functions. With ‍its reliable⁢ wired USB-C connection, this keyboard is⁤ not only convenient but also ensures stable connectivity, making ⁤it suitable for classrooms and professional environments alike. For those seeking a reliable and stylish keyboard for their USB-C devices, ⁣the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C stands out as a top⁢ choice.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

Our journey ‍through the myriad of opinions on the Perixx​ PERIBOARD-210C Wired Full-Size USB C Keyboard has been enlightening. Let’s dive into the diverse experiences shared by users:

Positive Reviews:

Pros Cons
Quiet typing experience Some users found it louder than expected
Pleasurable typing with scissor switches Difficulty in cleaning due to non-removable keys
Good form factor and design Lack of height adjustment
No ‍need for additional software installation
Compatible with various devices including⁢ Mac, iPad, Windows,​ Chromebook, and more

Customers appreciated the‍ quiet yet responsive typing experience offered‌ by the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C.‍ The scissor switches provided a⁤ tactile feel akin to ‌premium keyboards at a fraction of the cost. Its compatibility across different operating systems without the need for⁢ extra software was also praised.

Negative Reviews:

Some users encountered issues such ‍as keys breaking after​ a period of use or finding‌ the keyboard louder than anticipated. The lack of height adjustment and difficulty in cleaning due to non-removable keys were also⁢ mentioned ‍as⁢ drawbacks.


Overall, the ​Perixx PERIBOARD-210C Wired Full-Size USB C‌ Keyboard offers a compelling ​option⁤ for those seeking a quiet, efficient typing​ experience without breaking the bank. ‍While it may have some minor drawbacks, its affordability and compatibility make ‍it a viable choice for various users’ needs.

As always, we encourage you to consider your specific ‌preferences and⁢ requirements​ before making a purchase decision.

Pros⁣ & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Modern ⁢Design Aesthetically pleasing chiclet style keys with a slim, full-size layout, perfect for any workspace.
Quiet Typing Low profile keys and ⁣stable scissor key switch provide a comfortable typing experience without​ the loud noise, ideal ‌for⁣ shared spaces.
Wide Compatibility Works seamlessly with a variety of devices including iPad, iMac,​ MacBook,​ Android tablets, Windows computers, and⁤ laptops.
Convenient Hot Keys Includes 11 hot keys⁢ and media keys (F1-F10) for easy access to frequently used functions, enhancing productivity.
Reliable Wired Connection USB Type-C ​connection ensures a stable and reliable connection without the need for batteries,‌ suitable for classrooms ⁢and offices.


  • Media Keys Limited to Windows OS: The⁢ media keys ​(F1-F10) are only ⁢fully functional on Windows operating⁢ systems, limiting their ‍use for users on other platforms.

Overall,⁤ the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C Wired Full-Size USB C Keyboard ‍offers a⁣ sleek design, quiet⁢ typing experience, and⁤ wide compatibility,⁤ making it an excellent choice ⁢for users seeking an ‌efficient keyboard solution for various devices and environments. However, users outside of the Windows ecosystem may find limited functionality with the media keys.


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Q&A Section:

1. Is the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C compatible with my device?

Yes, most likely!‍ The ‌Perixx PERIBOARD-210C is designed⁢ to ‌be compatible with a‍ wide range of‍ devices, including ⁤Mac,‍ iPad,⁢ Windows, Chromebook, ⁣tablets, desktops, and laptops.⁤ As long as your device has a USB Type-C port and runs one of the⁣ supported‍ operating systems (Windows​ 7/8/10, Chrome OS, macOS, Android, or Nintendo‍ Switch system software), you should be ‍good to⁤ go.

2. How is the typing experience on ​the PERIBOARD-210C?

The‌ PERIBOARD-210C offers a quiet and comfortable typing experience, thanks​ to its stable‌ scissor key‌ switch mechanism. The keys have a low profile, providing comfort without the⁤ loud typing sound, making ​it ideal for various environments, ‌whether you’re⁤ in a⁢ bustling⁢ office⁢ or ⁢a quiet home‌ setting.

3. ⁣Can I use this keyboard in a classroom setting?

Absolutely! The wired ⁢USB Type-C connection ensures ⁣a reliable connection without the⁢ need for​ batteries. This feature is particularly advantageous in classroom settings, ⁤as it ⁣prevents interference among other devices and ensures a secure and reliable internet connection. Additionally, the keyboard’s quiet typing feature is conducive to maintaining a focused⁣ learning environment.

4. Does the PERIBOARD-210C have ⁣any special features?

Yes, indeed!​ This keyboard boasts a modern design with‌ chiclet-style keys and a​ full-size layout that adds a touch⁢ of elegance to your⁢ workspace. It ​also⁢ features 11 ‍convenient hot keys and media keys (F1-F10) for quick access to various functions,⁢ enhancing your ⁣overall productivity and efficiency.

5.⁢ Is the PERIBOARD-210C easy⁣ to set ​up and use?

Absolutely! The PERIBOARD-210C is a plug-and-play‌ keyboard, meaning‍ you can ​simply plug it into your device’s USB Type-C port, ‍and you’re ⁤good to go. There’s no complicated installation process or software required. Just connect, and‌ start typing away!

6. Can I use the media keys on non-Windows operating systems?

Unfortunately, the media keys (F1-F10) are specifically designed to work ​with Windows operating systems. While the PERIBOARD-210C is compatible with various operating systems, including macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Nintendo Switch system software, the⁢ media keys may not function⁤ as ⁣intended on these platforms.

Feel free ​to reach out if ​you have any further questions or need assistance with your Perixx PERIBOARD-210C ⁣keyboard!

Embody Excellence

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As we wrap up our exploration of the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C Wired Full-Size⁢ USB C Keyboard, it’s ⁤evident that this⁢ sleek and efficient peripheral offers ‍a seamless typing experience across a variety of ⁤devices. Its modern design,⁢ featuring chiclet-style keys and a full-size layout, ⁣adds ⁢a touch of elegance‍ to⁣ any workspace, whether at home or in the office.

One of the‌ standout features ⁢of this keyboard is its quiet typing experience,⁢ thanks to the stable scissor key switch ⁤mechanism. Say goodbye to⁢ noisy ​keystrokes without compromising on responsiveness. Additionally, its‍ compatibility ⁢with a ‌wide range of⁣ devices, from Mac and iPad to Windows and​ Chromebook, makes it a ⁣versatile‍ companion for any‍ tech enthusiast.

Whether‌ you’re a student, professional, ‍or⁤ avid gamer, the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C is tailored to meet your needs. Its wired USB⁣ C‍ connection ⁤ensures ‍a reliable connection without the hassle of batteries, making it suitable for classroom environments where interference needs to be minimized.

In conclusion, if you’re in the ⁣market for ⁢a stylish, quiet, and efficient keyboard ⁢that seamlessly integrates with⁢ your USB-C devices, look no⁢ further than the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C. Elevate your typing‌ experience today!

Ready⁣ to upgrade your keyboard? ⁢Click here to get⁣ your hands on the Perixx PERIBOARD-210C now!

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