Ultimate iPad Pro Keyboard: Backlit, Protective, and Versatile!

Ultimate iPad Pro Keyboard: Backlit, Protective, and Versatile!

Here at our blog, we ⁢recently had the opportunity to try out the iPad 9th/8th/7th Generation Keyboard Case 10.2 inch 2021/2020/2019, iPad Pro 10.5-inch Case with Keyboard, ⁣and iPad​ Air 3 2019. Let us tell⁢ you, we were truly impressed by ‍the functionality and⁤ versatility of this ​product. From the colorful backlit keyboard to the hybrid shockproof ‌protective cover, this keyboard case has everything you need to enhance ‍your iPad experience.‍ Join us‍ as we dive into the⁤ details⁤ of this ‍innovative Bluetooth wireless folio case in black and discover how it can transform ⁤the way you use your iPad.

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We were incredibly impressed with the versatility⁢ and functionality of this‍ iPad keyboard case. The colorful backlit keyboard not only makes typing ⁢in the dark⁢ a breeze but ‌also adds a‍ fun element⁤ to the overall user experience. The hybrid shockproof protective cover provides excellent protection for ⁤our iPad, thanks to its honeycomb grid pattern cushion that ⁤helps⁤ prevent overheating and maximizes ⁢screen protection. ⁤Additionally, the⁣ multiple viewing angles ‍and ‌removable magnetic keyboard allow for easy adjustment of screen vision and typing position, making it a convenient ‌option⁤ for both work and play.

The⁢ built-in rechargeable keyboard and ‌auto sleep/wake magnetic case feature are game-changers in terms of convenience and energy-saving capabilities. With ⁢the‌ keyboard USB‌ charge cables included, ​we⁢ were ​able to fully ‍charge ⁤the wireless keyboard in ‌just ‍2-3 hours, and it‌ stood by for ⁣an impressive 90 days. Furthermore, the built-in iPad pencil holder and ‌warranty support add an extra layer of functionality and peace of mind.⁣ Overall, ​we highly⁤ recommend this ‌iPad keyboard case for anyone looking to enhance ⁤their iPad experience with ⁤added protection, functionality, ⁢and ⁣style.

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Key Features and Aspects

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Our keyboard case​ for iPad 9th/8th/7th ⁣Generation ‌and iPad ​Pro 10.5-inch is packed with key features that enhance your typing experience and protect⁢ your device. With colorful backlit keyboard options​ and a quiet mechanical design, typing in‍ the dark ‌has never been easier. The honeycomb grid pattern cushion inside the protective case not only prevents overheating but also provides maximum ⁢screen protection. Enjoy the⁣ convenience of⁣ multiple viewing angles with‌ the ⁣removable magnetic keyboard, allowing ‍you to adjust ​your​ screen for optimal visibility and comfort.

Never worry about ‍your ⁣keyboard dying on you with the built-in rechargeable feature that ​can⁣ stand by for 90 days on a full charge. The ‍magnetic case also supports auto sleep/wake function, conserving your device’s battery​ life. Additionally, the⁣ case includes a pencil holder and offers waterproof,⁢ anti-scratch protection for your​ iPad. Our product‌ is compatible ⁢with various ⁤iPad models and comes with a 30-day returnable guarantee. Experience the convenience ‌and functionality⁤ of our keyboard case by clicking here to make a purchase now!

Detailed Insights

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With⁣ a colorful backlit ‌keyboard and ⁣a hybrid shockproof⁢ protective cover, this iPad keyboard case ⁣is both functional and stylish. The optional backlight mode and 7 vibrant colors make typing in the ‍dark fun and easy. The scissors mechanical keyboard feels⁣ quiet and ‌smooth, providing a comfortable typing experience. The protective case inner layer features a honeycomb grid pattern cushion that releases 80% more heat than other ‌cases, preventing overheating and extending the life of your iPad ⁣while ⁢maximizing​ screen‌ protection.

Additionally, this keyboard case offers⁤ multiple viewing angles and a removable magnetic keyboard for added ​convenience. The flip leather case combines the ⁣tablet and keyboard ‍to create​ a laptop-like ⁤setup for easier ‌work. The​ smart‍ folio keyboard and magnetic case allow you to ⁢adjust the screen ‌vision and ‍typing position. The⁤ secure⁢ magnetic⁣ closure enables you⁣ to take the tablet keyboard ⁤and hard shell ⁣with you. And if you don’t need the Bluetooth‍ keyboard for your⁢ iPad ‌at times, simply remove it and use just the iPad⁣ case ​for added versatility. Don’t miss out on this innovative ⁣and versatile iPad keyboard case – check it out on Amazon today! Click here to ⁢get ⁢yours now!.


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When ‌it comes to keyboard cases for iPads, this one truly ⁣stands‌ out. The colorful backlit keyboard with 7 vibrant colors adds a fun and easy typing⁣ experience, especially in low light conditions. The protective cover ⁤is ⁤shockproof⁣ and features a honeycomb grid pattern cushion that ⁤helps prevent overheating, extends‍ the life of your iPad, and ​maximizes ​screen ​protection.

One of the best features of this keyboard case is the ability to adjust viewing‍ angles thanks to the removable magnetic keyboard. ​The ⁣flip leather case seamlessly combines the tablet and ⁣keyboard to create⁣ a laptop-like experience for ‍easier work. The built-in rechargeable keyboard ensures convenience, and the auto sleep/wake​ magnetic case ⁣functionality saves‍ battery. Plus, the iPad pencil holder and ‍warranty support add extra ⁣value to this versatile⁢ accessory. If you’re ⁣looking for a reliable and functional keyboard ⁤case for⁣ your iPad 10.2/10.5 inch,⁣ look no further than this one. Feel free to ⁤reach out‍ to us ‌with any questions or concerns, and click⁣ here to get yours today!

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis:

After analyzing the customer​ reviews for⁣ the iPad Pro Keyboard Case,⁣ we found a mix of ​positive and constructive feedback. Here is a ⁣summary of the key points:

Positive Feedback Constructive Feedback
This⁣ case and keyboard combo ​is sturdy and reasonably priced. The keyboard is not attached to the‌ case, ⁤requiring manual movement when closing the‍ iPad.
The keyboard offers multiple color‌ options, is removable, and pairs easily via Bluetooth. Some users found the‍ magnets connecting the sleeve and portfolio to be inconsistent.
The ‍silicone sleeve ‍protects the edges of the iPad and secures the Apple‍ Pencil conveniently. Keys on the keyboard​ are not​ as smooth for⁢ quick typing.
The ⁣case allows ​for landscape and portrait mode and offers various adjustable ‌angles. Some users mentioned slight issues with the⁤ gaming experience ⁢in ⁤lap use.
The keyboard has⁤ a ⁣backlight in several colors​ and a good size for usability. Occasional difficulties with ⁣the keys, such‌ as the ‍delete button turning off the iPad.
Great value ‌for the ⁤price, with ⁣comparable features to higher-priced options. Some users received products of lower quality than ⁢expected.

In conclusion, the ⁣iPad Pro⁣ Keyboard Case offers⁤ a⁤ versatile and protective solution for those seeking functionality and‍ convenience. While some minor⁢ issues were noted, the‌ overall feedback indicates satisfaction with⁣ the product’s features and performance.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Colorful Backlit Keyboard
2. Hybrid Shockproof Protective Cover
3. Multiple Viewing Angles
4. ⁤Removable Magnetic Keyboard
5. Built-in ‌Rechargeable Keyboard
6. Auto Sleep/Wake ​Magnetic ​Case
7. iPad Pencil Holder
8. Warranty Support


  • 1. No⁤ pen or‌ charger included
  • 2. Keyboard with iron may hinder magnetic attraction


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Q: Is the⁣ backlit⁢ keyboard customizable?

A: Yes, the backlit keyboard offers 7 vibrant colors to⁤ choose from, making typing in​ the dark fun and easy.

Q: Does the case provide ‍good​ protection for the iPad?

A: Absolutely! The hybrid⁢ shockproof protective cover ⁤with ‌a honeycomb grid pattern cushion is designed to prevent overheating and maximize screen‍ protection.

Q: Can the keyboard ‍be⁤ easily ⁤removed?

A: Yes, the keyboard is⁢ removable and magnetic, making it easy to adjust screen vision and typing position or take it with ⁢you when you ⁣don’t need it.

Q: Does the⁤ keyboard ​have a long battery life?

A: With just 2-3 hours of full charge, the wireless keyboard can​ stand by for up ⁢to 90 days, providing convenience and ‍reliability.

Q: Is the case compatible with the iPad Pro 10.5 inch?

A: Yes, the keyboard case is‍ designed‍ to be compatible⁣ with the iPad Pro ‌10.5⁢ inch ⁤2017 model, as well as other iPad models listed in the product⁤ description. Just be sure to check the⁤ model number ⁤on the back of your iPad.

Q: Does‌ the case include a holder for the Apple Pencil?

A: Yes, ⁤the case features a built-in Pencil ⁢holder for easy storage and‍ access to your Stylus Pen,⁢ adding convenience‍ and functionality to the ⁤overall design.

Reveal the Extraordinary

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As we⁣ wrap⁤ up our review of the Ultimate ​iPad Pro Keyboard, we can confidently say that this versatile and protective keyboard ⁢case is a must-have accessory for your iPad 9th/8th/7th Generation, iPad Pro 10.5-inch, or ‍iPad Air 3. With its colorful backlit keyboard, ⁢multiple⁤ viewing angles, and built-in⁢ rechargeable keyboard, this case offers functionality⁤ and style all in one.

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