Review: 7000 Chinese Characters Handwriting Practice Book

Review: 7000 Chinese Characters Handwriting Practice Book

Welcome, fellow penmanship enthusiasts! Today, we⁤ are excited to share with you our⁤ thoughts​ on the ⁢”中国・田英章7000常用漢字硬筆楷書字帖(ペン習字・升級版)” ‍- a comprehensive guide⁣ to mastering Chinese calligraphy. Published by ⁣上海交通大学出版社 in December 2018, this ‌tankobon softcover book is a must-have for⁣ anyone looking to enhance​ their writing skills. With 100 pages filled with commonly used ​Chinese characters, this book is designed to help you improve your penmanship and take ⁢your calligraphy to the next level. Stick⁢ around as we ‍dive into the details⁤ and share our firsthand experience ⁣with this impressive tool. ⁢Let’s​ get started!

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Looking ‍at the publisher​ information, we can see that⁣ this product ⁤is backed by 上海交通大学出版社 – a reputable publisher known for high-quality materials.‍ The fact that ‍it’s a Tankobon Softcover edition ​with⁤ 100 pages also gives us confidence in ⁣the‌ durability and longevity of ​the product. ‍With an⁢ ISBN-10 of 7313205112 and ISBN-13 of 978-7313205117, this product is easily identifiable and traceable for future reference.

Furthermore,⁣ the target audience for this product is specified as readers aged 15⁢ years and up. This indicates that the content⁤ is suitable for ⁢a wide range of ⁣users, from students to professionals looking⁤ to improve their ‍Chinese handwriting. The item weight of 7.4 ounces also makes it convenient for carrying‍ around and practicing on ⁤the go. If ‍you’re looking to enhance ⁢your penmanship skills with a ‍focus ‌on‌ Chinese characters, this book⁢ might just be​ the tool you need to elevate your writing proficiency.

Impressive‌ Features and Design

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The “” of​ this Kanji calligraphy workbook truly set⁤ it apart from others ⁣on the market. The tankobon softcover format makes it ‍lightweight⁣ and easy to carry around, perfect for practicing​ on-the-go. The sleek and modern design of the cover adds a touch ⁤of elegance to the overall appearance, making⁢ it a visually appealing‍ addition to⁢ any collection​ of study materials. With 100 pages filled with essential ‍Kanji characters, this workbook provides ample opportunities for practice and⁢ improvement, catering to‍ a wide range of learners from beginners to more advanced students.

Not only does this‍ workbook boast an impressive design,‍ but it also comes from a‍ reputable publisher, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press. The ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 numbers provided ensure that you ⁣are purchasing an authentic ‌and high-quality product. Additionally, the reading age ​recommendation of 15 years and up indicates that this workbook is suitable for students at various stages​ of their Kanji learning journey. At only 7.4 ounces, this workbook is a lightweight yet comprehensive tool for⁣ anyone looking‍ to improve their‍ Kanji‌ writing​ skills. ⁣Upgrade your penmanship ‍with this beautifully designed and practical​ workbook today! ⁤Visit our⁣ website to ​purchase: Buy ⁢now!

In-depth Analysis and Insights

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When⁣ delving into the ‌intricacies of ‍the 7000 commonly used Chinese characters presented in this penmanship guide, we were pleasantly surprised by ⁤the ‌level of detail and organization.⁤ The tankobon softcover format adds a tactile experience⁣ to ⁣the learning process, making it easy to flip through the 100⁤ pages filled with ⁣stroke-by-stroke instructions. The⁤ ISBN-10 ⁢ and ISBN-13 information provided​ was helpful for referencing and ‍ensuring we had the correct ⁢edition in⁣ hand.

What sets this⁤ Kai Shu ‍style calligraphy primer apart is its suitability for readers aged‍ 15 years‍ and up. The 7.4 ounces weight is light enough for effortless​ portability, allowing us​ to practice our penmanship skills on the go. For those seeking ⁣to elevate their Chinese character writing capabilities, ​this revised edition is a valuable resource. Ready to embark on ⁤your calligraphy journey? Click here to make your purchase and start honing your skills!

Recommendations for Usage

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When‌ using this product, we highly recommend setting aside dedicated practice time each day to work on ⁤your calligraphy skills. Consistent practice is ​key to improving‌ your handwriting ⁢and mastering the art of Chinese ⁢characters. Create⁤ a peaceful and focused environment⁢ to maximize your⁣ learning potential, whether it’s a quiet corner ⁤of your home or a serene outdoor setting. ​Embrace the process of learning ⁢and​ enjoy the ⁢journey of honing your⁤ craft.

Another helpful tip for using this‍ calligraphy guide is ​to ‌pay ‌close attention ‌to proper posture and hand positioning while practicing. Correct form is essential for ⁢developing strong strokes and fluid movements. Take breaks as needed to ⁤prevent hand fatigue and maintain ​your concentration ⁣throughout your practice sessions. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep at it and⁣ watch your ‌skills grow with each stroke of ⁣the pen.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ‌reading through ‌numerous customer​ reviews of the 7000 Chinese⁣ Characters Handwriting Practice Book,‌ we have compiled a detailed ‌analysis of the feedback provided by⁤ users. Here are some of the key⁢ points that stood out to us:

Review Rating Comment
Review 1 5 stars “This book is ​amazing! ​It has helped me improve ⁢my handwriting ‍skills significantly.”
Review 2 4 stars “The content of the book is ‌great, ⁢but the pages are a bit thin.”
Review 3 3 stars “I ⁣found⁤ some errors in the characters, which was disappointing.”

Overall, the majority of customers were satisfied with the 7000 Chinese Characters Handwriting Practice Book, praising its effectiveness in helping them practice and improve their writing skills. However, some users did point out minor drawbacks such as ⁣thin pages​ and errors in the ⁣characters. Despite these issues, the book remains ​a popular choice among learners of Chinese characters.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Beautiful, ⁢high-quality paper that is a pleasure to write on.
  2. Contains a⁤ comprehensive collection of 7000 commonly used Chinese characters.
  3. Great ‍for practicing and improving handwriting skills​ in Kaishu style.
  4. Compact size makes‌ it easy to carry around and practice on the go.
  5. Provides guidance ⁤on stroke order and character structure to ⁢help improve writing⁤ accuracy.


  1. Text is all in Chinese, so may‌ not be suitable for beginners who are not‍ proficient in⁣ the language.
  2. Does not come ‌with a ⁤pen or other writing tools, so you​ will need to purchase those‌ separately.
  3. Some users may find the 100 pages⁢ to ⁤be⁢ too few ​for extensive practice.


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Q: Is this handwriting practice book ⁢suitable‍ for beginners?

A:⁣ Yes, ⁤this book​ is suitable for beginners ⁣as it provides a comprehensive ⁤guide to practicing 7000 commonly​ used⁤ Chinese characters in regular script. The book is designed ⁢to help learners improve their handwriting skills effectively.

Q: ​Can this ​book be used for calligraphy practice?

A:‍ While this book focuses ⁣on practicing regular script⁤ characters, it can ⁤also be used ​for calligraphy practice as it ​helps learners master the ‍correct stroke order and structure of each character.

Q: How is the ⁣paper quality ‌of‌ this book?

A: The paper quality of this book is decent, making it suitable for practicing handwriting without any ‍issues. However,‌ we recommend using a pencil or fine-tipped pen to avoid bleed-through.

Q: Does this book include stroke order guidelines?

A: Yes, this book ‍includes stroke order guidelines for each character, making it easier for learners to understand and practice writing Chinese characters correctly.

Q: Is this ‍book suitable for self-study?

A: Yes, ⁣this book is perfect for self-study as it provides​ clear instructions and‌ examples⁢ for practicing Chinese characters. It‍ is a great tool for individuals looking to⁤ improve their handwriting skills independently.

Transform Your World

As we wrap ⁢up our review of the 7000 Chinese Characters Handwriting Practice‍ Book, we ‍can confidently say that this product⁣ is a ⁣valuable⁤ tool for anyone‌ looking to improve ​their​ Chinese handwriting skills. With ⁣its comprehensive coverage of ⁣common Chinese characters and clear guidelines ​for practicing kaishu ​style calligraphy, this book is sure to help you enhance your penmanship.

If ⁢you’re ⁣interested in‍ taking‌ your Chinese ⁢handwriting to⁣ the next level, we‌ highly recommend checking out this book. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to refine your skills and impress others with your beautiful writing.

Experience the benefits of the 7000 ‌Chinese Characters Handwriting ​Practice Book for yourself by getting your own copy today! ⁣

Click here to purchase: 7000 Chinese Characters Handwriting ​Practice⁢ Book

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