PS2 Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review: Ample Wire Length & Comfortable Switch

PS2 Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review: Ample Wire Length & Comfortable Switch

As avid technology enthusiasts, we are ‌always‍ on the lookout for the latest gadgets ‍and​ accessories to enhance our computing experience. Recently, we had ‌the opportunity to try out the⁣ MCSaite Wired PS2 104 Keys Computer Keyboard with Stands in⁣ Black. This sleek and waterproof keyboard not only boasts a US layout compatible for Windows,⁣ PC, and Laptop, but ⁢also comes with a ‌5-ft. wired connection for added convenience. The comfortable‍ switch and standard PS/2‍ serial port keyboard design provided us with improved typing speed and accuracy,‍ making it ​a joy to⁢ use ⁢for ‍both work and play. In this review, we will delve into the key features of this keyboard and share our firsthand ​experience with this must-have accessory for any tech-savvy individual.

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When it comes to finding a reliable and⁢ functional computer⁢ keyboard, the MCSaite Wired Keyboard is definitely a top contender. With a generous 5-ft. wired connection, you have the flexibility to set up your keyboard wherever it suits you best. The ⁣comfortable switch enhances your typing experience ​by improving speed and accuracy, making it a pleasure to use‍ for​ extended periods ⁤of time.

Featuring a standard PS/2 serial⁣ port with 104 keys,​ including navigational controls and a 10-key keypad,⁢ this ​keyboard ⁣offers all the functionality ⁢you need for everyday tasks. Plus, it’s compatible with Windows 7, Vista,⁢ XP, 2000 and 98, making it a versatile‌ option for a wide range ⁤of users. With simple‍ plug and play functionality and no additional drivers required, getting ⁣started with the MCSaite Keyboard is ‌a breeze. ⁣For‌ a reliable and efficient keyboard that ticks all the boxes, look no further than this option!

Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes ​to the of ⁢this wired PS2 keyboard, ⁢there are ⁢several aspects ⁤that make it ⁣stand out. Firstly, the ample 5-ft. wired connection ensures that you have plenty of flexibility in ‌setting up your ⁢keyboard‍ in the most comfortable position for you.‍ This feature gives you the freedom to ‍customize your workspace ⁣to your liking without​ feeling restricted​ by short wires.

Additionally, ‍the comfortable‌ switch on ⁢this⁤ keyboard ‍significantly improves ⁤typing speed and accuracy, making your typing experience smoother and more efficient. With no additional drivers required, this plug and play keyboard is compatible with ⁣Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and ⁢98, ensuring seamless integration with your operating system. ‌The standard PS/2 serial port keyboard offers 104 ‍keys, ​including navigational controls ‌and a 10-key keypad, providing you with all the essential functions you need for smooth operation. For a reliable and user-friendly keyboard experience, ⁤this MCSaite keyboard is ‌a solid choice‌ for Windows, PC,⁢ and laptop users. So why wait? Check it out on Amazon and upgrade your typing experience today! Click here to get one now!.

In-depth Analysis and Performance

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After conducting‌ an in-depth analysis of the MCSaite ‌Wired PS2 Keyboard, we were impressed by its ample wire length connection, providing users with 5 feet of flexibility to⁢ set up their keyboard in the perfect location. This feature is‌ a game-changer for those looking to customize their workspace without feeling restricted⁣ by cord length. Additionally, the comfortable switch design enhances ⁣typing speed and ⁤accuracy, making this ⁣keyboard a reliable and efficient choice for daily use.

What stood out to us the ‌most was the seamless plug and play functionality of this keyboard. With​ no additional drivers required, users can simply plug in the MCSaite Keyboard and start typing‍ away. It is compatible with a range of Windows operating systems, including 7, Vista, XP, ​2000,‍ and 98. The‍ standard ​PS/2 serial port keyboard⁢ offers 104 keys, including navigational controls and a 10-key⁢ keypad, making it a versatile option ​for various computing tasks. For an affordable, high-performance ‍keyboard, ‌we highly recommend giving the MCSaite Wired PS2 Keyboard a⁢ try. Feel free‌ to check it out on Amazon for more details.

Our Recommendations

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We recently had the opportunity to try out the MCSaite Wired PS2 104 Keys Computer Keyboard and we were quite impressed with its performance.

<p>The ample 5-ft. wired connection allows for flexibility in setting up the keyboard, while the comfortable switch enhances typing speed and accuracy. It's a plug and play device, so no additional drivers are needed for compatibility with Windows operating systems. The keyboard offers 104 keys, including navigational controls, full functions, and a 10-key keypad.</p>

Pros Cons
Ample wired connection Initial setup process may​ need restarting the computer
Comfortable switch for improved typing
Plug and play, no additional​ drivers needed

Overall, we found⁣ that the MCSaite Wired PS2 Keyboard is a reliable and user-friendly option for Windows users. If you’re in need of ‌a new keyboard with⁤ a comfortable typing experience and easy setup, this keyboard is definitely⁣ worth considering. Click here ⁣to get one⁤ for yourself!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for the MCSaite Wired PS2 104 Keys ‍Computer Keyboard with Stands,Black,Waterproof – US Layout, we found⁤ a mixed bag of ‍feedback from users.

Positive Reviews:

  • This keyboard was exactly‌ what one user needed for their older computer, working⁢ great.
  • Another ⁤user found the keyboard to​ be a cheap PS2 style option that met their needs, appreciating its compact size.
  • Many buyers⁣ praised the keyboard for its compatibility with older systems and its ​affordable price.

Negative Reviews:

  • One ​user received a defective keyboard with bent pins inside the PS/2 plug,⁤ indicating a possible issue with the⁣ packaging or handling.
  • Some users found the keys to have a plastic feel and sound, which may​ not ⁣be suitable for long-term use in a home office ⁢setting.

Overall Verdict:

Despite some drawbacks, the MCSaite ‌Wired ‍PS2 104 ⁣Keys Computer Keyboard with Stands,Black,Waterproof – US Layout seems ⁤to serve its purpose⁣ for users seeking a budget-friendly option for specific needs ⁤such as accessing BIOS settings or using with older systems.

Pros Cons
Compatible ​with ⁤older systems Plastic feel and sound of keys
Affordable price Possible packaging issues
Compact size

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Ample wire length connection – 5-ft. wire⁢ gives flexibility in setup
  • Comfortable switch – enhances typing ⁤speed ⁤and accuracy
  • Plug and play feature – no need for additional drivers
  • Compatible‍ with various Windows versions
  • 104 keys with⁢ navigational controls and⁢ 10-key keypad


  • PS2 connection may be outdated for some users
  • Not compatible with newer⁤ Windows versions


Q: Is the‌ wire length of this keyboard sufficient ‌for comfortable⁣ use?

A: Yes, the keyboard ‍comes ‍with a 5-ft. wired connection, which gives you plenty of room to set it up wherever you want. This ample wire length ‌allows for flexibility in positioning your keyboard for optimal comfort.

Q: How are the switches on this keyboard?

A: The ‍switches⁤ on this ⁢keyboard are ​comfortable and responsive, ⁢providing you ​with ⁤improved typing speed and accuracy. Whether you are typing up documents​ or⁤ gaming, you can count‍ on the comfortable switch of this keyboard to enhance⁤ your overall typing experience.

Q: Is this keyboard easy to​ set up?

A:⁤ Yes, this keyboard‍ is plug and ⁤play, so no additional driver is needed. Simply plug it into the PS2 port on your computer and restart, and you’re good to go. It’s⁤ compatible ⁤with Windows 7, Vista, XP,⁤ 2000, and 98, making‌ it easy to use⁣ with a variety of systems.

Reveal the Extraordinary

As⁣ we wrap up our‍ review⁤ of the MCSaite ​Wired PS2 Keyboard, we can confidently say that this keyboard offers‍ a great combination of ample wire length ⁣and comfortable typing experience. With its 104 keys, including navigational controls and a 10-key keypad, this keyboard is suitable for various tasks.

The 5-ft. wired⁤ connection allows ⁣for flexible setup options, while the comfortable switch enhances your typing⁣ speed and accuracy. ⁣Plus, it’s compatible with⁢ a range of Windows operating systems, making it versatile for different users.

If you’re in need of a reliable and user-friendly keyboard, we​ recommend giving​ the ⁤MCSaite Wired PS2 Keyboard a try. Click on the link ‌below to‌ get your hands on this keyboard today!

Get ⁤your MCSaite Wired PS2 Keyboard now!

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