Harvopu iPad Air Keyboard Case: Backlit, Long Battery Life & Pencil Holder – A Perfect Companion

Harvopu iPad Air Keyboard Case: Backlit, Long Battery Life & Pencil Holder – A Perfect Companion

Welcome to our product⁣ review⁢ blog post, where ‍we‌ are excited ⁢to⁢ share our experience with‌ the iPad Air 5th ⁤4th Generation Case with Keyboard. This folio keyboard⁣ cover⁣ is designed for the iPad Air ​5th Gen 2022 and Air 4th Gen 2020, and it​ comes in ⁤a stylish purple color. With a detachable backlit wireless keyboard, adjustable viewing angles, and front and back ⁣protection, ⁢this case offers a ‌range of ⁣features that ⁤enhance‍ the usability and protection of your iPad. Join‍ us as we dive into the details of this innovative product and⁣ share our thoughts on its performance.

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Overall, we were highly impressed with the iPad Air 5th/4th ‍Generation Case ⁢with Keyboard. The detachable backlit wireless keyboard was a standout feature, with strong magnets for‍ easy attachment and stable Bluetooth connectivity. The backlight options were‍ a nice touch, making typing in the dark a breeze. The long-life⁢ rechargeable battery was also‍ a bonus, allowing​ worry-free use⁣ with a quick charging ⁢time.

Additionally, the adjustable viewing angle and support for charging the Apple Pencil were thoughtful⁢ design elements that enhanced the user experience. The front and back protection offered by the PU leather upper cover and‍ soft TPU back cover gave us⁤ peace of mind in terms of‌ device ⁣safety. Overall, the package included ‍all⁢ the essentials and the after-sales service was top-notch, ensuring that any issues would⁤ be promptly addressed. If you’re in the⁢ market for a reliable and versatile keyboard case for your iPad Air 5th/4th Generation, we highly recommend checking out this product!

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Key Features and Benefits

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The iPad Air‌ 5th 4th Generation Case with Keyboard offers an incredible set ⁢of ‍ that elevate the user experience to a whole ‍new level. The Detachable Backlit Wireless Keyboard is not⁣ only easy to connect via Bluetooth, but​ it also provides the convenience of detachability. The optional ⁢backlight mode with one color ‍at a time or 7​ colors breathing backlight makes typing in the dark a breeze, allowing for seamless productivity even at night.

Moreover, ⁣the ‍ Long Life Battery‌ Rechargeable Keyboard ensures⁤ worry-free use with its 400mAh high capacity lithium-ion battery and energy-saving mode. The⁤ Type C ⁢interface charges ‌quickly in just 2-3 hours, making it‌ perfect ⁣for on-the-go use. The ⁣ Adjustable Viewing Angle & Support Charging‌ Pencil Holder provides versatility for ⁢any task, whether it’s drawing, writing, browsing ‍the web, or simply using your‍ iPad. This ‍keyboard case offers both front ‌and back protection, with a durable PU leather upper cover and a soft TPU back cover with Anti Skid Design to keep your iPad⁢ safe and secure.

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In-Depth ‍Analysis

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After diving deep into the features of this iPad Air⁣ keyboard case, we are impressed by its versatility and functionality. The detachable backlit wireless keyboard is a game-changer, allowing ​for seamless connection via Bluetooth and easy reconnection with just a touch. The ‌backlit feature is not only practical but also⁢ adds ​a touch of style to your workspace, making typing in​ the dark a breeze.

The long-life rechargeable battery ensures worry-free use and convenience for on-the-go studying or working. With an adjustable viewing angle and a built-in ⁢pencil holder that supports charging, this case offers both protection and practicality. Plus, the ⁢front and back protection provided by the durable PU ‍leather and soft⁢ TPU cover give peace of mind while using your iPad Air 5th/4th generation. ‌Overall, this ‍keyboard‌ case is‍ a must-have for​ anyone looking for a sleek and⁤ functional accessory‍ for their iPad Air.

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We absolutely love this iPad Air case with keyboard! The detachable backlit wireless keyboard is a game changer – ‍it attaches securely to the case via strong magnets and is easy to connect via Bluetooth. The ​backlight modes are a fantastic feature, especially⁣ when working in the dark. Plus, the long-life battery ensures worry-free ⁣use with quick⁤ charging via⁤ Type C interface.

Not only ‍does⁣ this case offer excellent functionality, but it⁤ also provides top-notch protection for your iPad. The ⁣front and back covers⁣ are durable and allow full access to all ‍ports and‌ features. The adjustable viewing angle and pen holder make ‌it⁢ perfect for work, school, or leisure⁢ use. With ⁤everything you need included in ⁤the package and exceptional ‌after-sales⁢ service, this iPad Air case ​with keyboard is a must-have! Check it out here.

Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

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Customer‍ Reviews Analysis

Positive Reviews

We spent hours looking through listings of iPad cases with a keyboard for our iPad Air 4.‌ Our criteria were met with the Harvopu iPad Air Keyboard Case. The purple/lavender color is absolutely gorgeous and matches well with our pink iPad Air 4. Setting up⁣ the keyboard⁢ was super easy, ‌and the instructions were easy to follow. The case feels very sturdy and covers every inch ‌of the iPad when closed. The bonus magnetic flap that covers both the pencil and the camera was unexpected but appreciated. The hotkeys make the keyboard super functional, and the battery⁣ life seems⁢ to be good. Overall, this is a pretty good case for the price point⁣ and its features.

<p>The keyboard was easy to pair and has several backlight options. Fits the iPad Air 5th Gen as expected. All the keys work perfectly and it lights up in different colors. Easily connected to the iPad and came with everything needed. A happy customer here!</p>

<p>The keyboard works great with Bluetooth even without using the case it came with. It's extremely light and compact, making it perfect for travel. The keyboard was definitely worth the price paid. Highly recommended!</p>

Negative Reviews

Initially, the user disliked ⁤the red light on the keyboard but later discovered the option to change colors. However, the keyboard started double typing certain letters after a month of use and ⁣occasionally glitches. The keyboard has to be ‍”forgotten” on one iPad to connect it to another, which ⁣can be inconvenient. The case pushed in ‌on the iPad screen ‌when closed, leading​ to a replacement. Due⁣ to ⁢various issues encountered, the user decided to switch to a different case and keyboard.

Rating Overall Experience
5 Stars Easy to set up, sturdy case, great features
4 Stars Good value, minor connectivity issues
3 Stars Functional but encountered glitches over time
2 ​Stars Issues with keyboard double typing, inconvenient to reconnect
1 Star Multiple problems experienced, switched to ⁢a different product

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1 Detachable Backlit Keyboard
2 Long Battery Life
3 Adjustable Viewing Angle
4 Pencil Holder with Charging Function
5 Front and Back‍ Protection
6 High-Quality Materials
7 Convenient Recharging with Type C Interface


  • May be bulky for some users
  • Not compatible with other iPad models
  • Price may be⁣ on the higher end
  • No​ option for multiple backlight colors
  • Limited color options available


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Q: Is the‍ keyboard detachable from the case?
A: Yes,⁤ the keyboard ‍for the‍ iPad Air 5th/4th generation can be attached to the case with⁢ strong magnets or detached completely for​ your convenience.

Q: ‌How long does the battery last‍ on the keyboard?
A: The wireless keyboard has a built-in 400mAh high capacity lithium-ion battery with ‍an energy-saving mode, providing worry-free use and long standby time. It only takes 2-3 hours to⁢ fully charge ​via the Type C interface.

Q: Does ⁤the case support Apple Pencil charging?
A: Yes, the case features a built-in ‌pen‍ tray⁣ to hold⁣ the Apple Pencil, allowing for direct charging without ‌having to remove the case if you have‌ the 2nd Gen‍ Apple Pencil.

Q: How does the case protect my iPad?
A:‌ The upper protective cover is‍ made of durable PU leather, providing full access to all ports, touch ID, speakers, microphone, and cameras. The soft TPU back cover with ‍Anti⁣ Skid Design⁣ protects⁢ your iPad ⁢from shocks, scratches, and⁤ features a honeycomb⁤ design for⁣ heat⁢ dissipation.

Q: What is included in the package?
A: In addition to the iPad case and keyboard, you will also receive a Type C charging cable and user guide for easy setup.⁣ If you have‌ any questions or⁣ concerns about the product, feel free to reach out to us for a satisfactory solution.

Achieve New Heights

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As we wrap up ⁤our review of the Harvopu⁢ iPad ‌Air Keyboard Case, we can confidently say​ that this product is truly a perfect‌ companion for your iPad Air 5th or 4th Generation. With its detachable ‌backlit wireless keyboard, long battery life, ⁣adjustable viewing angles, and⁣ front and back protection, this case has everything you need for work, study, or leisure. Don’t miss out on​ the convenience and style that this keyboard⁤ case has to offer. Click the link below to get your⁤ own Harvopu iPad Air Keyboard Case​ today!

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