Gamer’s Dream: Redragon RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Gamer’s Dream: Redragon RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Welcome, fellow gamers, to ‍our latest review where we delve into the immersive⁤ world of the Redragon S101⁢ Gaming Keyboard and M601 Mouse combo set. As avid gamers ourselves, we understand the importance of not just having the right gear, but ⁣having gear that enhances the entire gaming experience.⁣ And let us​ tell‌ you, this combo set doesn’t disappoint.
Picture ⁤this:‌ your gaming setup bathed in vibrant RGB ⁣lighting, ⁤each keystroke echoing with‌ precision, every mouse movement executed with utmost‍ accuracy. That’s the promise of the ​Redragon S101 combo set ⁤– a promise ​it delivers​ on with gusto.
Let’s start with the star of the show – the RGB backlit gaming keyboard. With seven dazzling lighting⁣ modes⁢ and ⁣four‍ brightness⁢ levels, you can customize your setup⁢ to suit ‌your mood or match ⁣the atmosphere of‍ your game. But⁣ it’s ⁢not just about aesthetics; this keyboard is a workhorse. Its ergonomic design ensures⁤ comfort during those marathon gaming sessions, ⁤while its sturdy​ build can withstand the ⁢occasional spill – ⁢a lifesaver for those intense moments when hydration takes ⁤a back seat ⁤to victory.
But the perks don’t end there. ⁢Anti-ghosting technology ensures that ⁤every keystroke is registered accurately, ⁤giving you the edge in fast-paced gameplay.⁣ And with dedicated multimedia keys⁤ plus additional function keys, you have⁤ all the tools you need right at⁤ your fingertips.
Now, let’s talk about the M601 gaming mouse. With its ergonomic design and customizable weight tuning, it fits snugly in your hand, allowing for hours of gameplay without ‍fatigue. The precision sensor ‌and programmable buttons give ⁣you unparalleled control,⁤ while the striking red backlight adds a touch of flair to ‌your⁢ setup.
Compatibility? Check.⁣ Whether you’re⁣ rocking Windows or​ prefer the sleek⁤ simplicity of Mac, this combo set has you covered.
In conclusion, the Redragon ‌S101 Gaming Keyboard and⁤ M601 Mouse combo set is a must-have for any serious gamer looking to elevate their setup. With its stunning RGB lighting, ergonomic design, and precise functionality, it’s⁤ more ⁤than just a peripheral –⁣ it’s a game-changer. So why wait? Step up your game and join us‌ in the immersive⁤ world of Redragon.

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Step ‍into a realm ⁣of illuminated​ gaming experience with our latest‍ gaming keyboard and mouse combo. Designed to ​elevate⁢ your gaming ambiance, ‌our RGB backlit gaming​ keyboard offers seven different lighting modes and effects, with four levels of brightness ​and adjustable breathing speed. Whether​ you’re diving into‍ an intense ⁣gaming session or conquering office tasks, our ergonomically ‌designed keyboard ensures comfort ​and ‌precision.

  • Illuminate your gaming environment with ‍7 RGB lighting modes
  • Adjustable brightness levels and ⁤breathing speed for personalized ​ambiance
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort during extended gaming or work‍ sessions
  • Multi-media keys ⁣and anti-ghosting ⁢technology​ for enhanced functionality
  • Durable construction‌ with ⁣spill-resistant design

Our wired gaming mouse ⁢complements the keyboard’s performance with precision⁢ and responsiveness. Featuring up to 3200 DPI with⁢ adjustable ‌settings, ergonomic design,‍ and programmable ‍buttons, it gives you the edge you need ‌to outperform your competition. Compatible ‍with a range of operating⁣ systems and computer brands, our gaming keyboard and mouse combo is the ultimate ⁢value kit for any PC gamer.

Exploring ‍the Redragon S101 Gaming​ Combo Set

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Step into a world of vibrant gaming immersion with the Redragon S101 ‍Gaming Combo Set. With its RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Red Backlit Gaming Mouse, this combo‌ elevates your gaming experience to ⁣new heights. Let’s ​delve into what makes this gaming set⁤ a must-have for any serious gamer.

  • **RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard:**​ Illuminate your gaming environment with⁢ 7 different RGB lighting modes and effects, offering a⁢ personalized touch to your‌ setup.‍ With 4 backlight brightness levels and adjustable‍ breathing speed, you can ​create the perfect ambiance ⁤for‍ every​ gaming session. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during long gaming marathons,⁤ while the durable construction can ⁤withstand the occasional liquid spill. With⁢ features like anti-ghosting and multimedia keys,‌ this keyboard is not just for ​gaming but also for everyday productivity tasks.
  • **Red Backlit Gaming Mouse:** Enhance your precision and control ⁣with the Redragon ⁢RED Backlit ‍Gaming Mouse. With up to 3200 DPI ‍and adjustable weight tuning,⁢ this mouse offers optimal ⁣performance tailored to your preferences. Its ergonomic design ‍and ​programmable buttons ensure comfort and​ efficiency during intense gaming ​sessions.​ Paired with a high-precision sensor and gaming-grade micro⁣ switches, this mouse delivers pinpoint accuracy and extreme responsiveness, giving you ‌the competitive edge you‍ need to dominate your opponents.

Compatible ‍with a ‍range ⁣of operating systems and computer brands, the Redragon S101 Gaming Combo‍ Set is a⁣ versatile choice for gamers everywhere. Whether ‌you’re a⁤ seasoned pro or just starting your gaming journey, this value-packed combo set ⁢has ‌everything you need to elevate your gaming experience. So why wait?⁢ Experience‌ gaming like‍ never before with ⁣the Redragon S101 Gaming Combo Set!

Key Features

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Let’s dive into ⁤the⁤ remarkable features that make this gaming keyboard and​ mouse combo a⁢ must-have for any avid gamer:

  • RGB Backlit Gaming⁤ Keyboard: Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors with 7⁣ different RGB lighting modes and effects. Adjust the brightness levels and‌ breathing speed to match​ your gaming vibe. Plus, the ergonomically designed keyboard is not‍ just for gaming; it’s also ⁢a superb ‍typing tool for‍ office work, ensuring comfort‍ even during marathon⁤ sessions. With keys designed for longevity and durability, including a WIN key that⁢ can be disabled‌ for uninterrupted ‌gaming, this​ keyboard is built to withstand the⁣ average liquid spill.
  • Multi Media &‌ Anti Ghosting: Take control with 25 conflict-free (n-Key Rollover) keys and 10 dedicated multimedia keys, along with 12⁤ additional FN+ multimedia keys, totaling 114 keys. Experience ⁤quiet, precise tactile ⁤feedback with each keystroke. The full numeric keypad ​and gold-plated corrosion-free USB connector ensure a reliable connection for ultimate gaming performance.

Wired Gaming Mouse Compatibility
Ergonomic design​ with Redragon RED backlighting Windows 10, Windows⁢ 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows‍ XP, Limited Mac⁢ OS keyboard support
Adjustable DPI up to 3200, with 30G acceleration and weight tuning Works well ‍with ⁢all major computer ​brands ‍and gaming ⁣PCs
6 programmable buttons for customized gaming experience

Ready to elevate your gaming setup? Experience precision, durability,⁤ and comfort with the Redragon S101 ⁢Gaming‌ Keyboard⁤ and M601 Mouse combo. Get yours‌ now!

Unveiling the Power of the Redragon S101 Keyboard and ‍M601 Mouse

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Embark on an illuminated journey into⁢ the heart of gaming ⁤excellence with the Redragon S101‌ Keyboard and M601 Mouse. Our ​RGB‍ Backlit Gaming Keyboard sets the stage for an immersive‌ gaming experience, boasting 7 different RGB ⁣lighting ​modes‍ and effects. With 4 backlight brightness levels and adjustable breathing speed, every keystroke is not ‍just a command ⁣but a visual‌ spectacle. ‌Designed with ergonomic precision, this keyboard ⁢isn’t just for⁣ gaming; it’s ‌a superb typing tool for office work, ensuring⁣ comfort during marathon sessions. Plus, its durability against liquid spills‌ means you‌ can game with confidence,⁢ even in the face of mishaps.

Enhancing your gaming arsenal further, the Redragon ‍M601 Mouse brings precision and customization to your fingertips. With up to 3200 DPI adjustable ‍sensitivity, 30G acceleration,⁢ and weight​ tuning capabilities, ⁤this ergonomic marvel ⁣is a force to be reckoned with.⁣ Its 6 programmable‍ buttons, ⁣coupled ⁢with⁣ a high-precision sensor and gaming-grade micro switches, deliver pinpoint accuracy and extreme responsiveness. Whether you’re ⁤navigating treacherous terrain ‌or engaging in heated battles, this mouse ⁤gives⁤ you⁣ the edge⁣ you⁤ need to dominate. Compatible with major operating systems and ​built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming, ⁣the Redragon ​S101 Keyboard and⁣ M601 Mouse combo is the⁤ ultimate choice for‌ gamers seeking‍ both performance‌ and value. Are you ready ⁣to unleash ⁣your gaming potential?

Discover the Power of Redragon No

In-Depth Analysis

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When it comes‍ to creating the perfect gaming ⁤atmosphere, the Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and ⁢M601 Mouse combo truly shines. ​With its⁤ RGB backlit gaming ⁣keyboard, ​offering 7 different lighting modes and effects, along with 4 backlight brightness levels and adjustable ‌breathing speed, ‍the ​ambiance ‍is​ elevated‌ to a‍ whole new level. Not only does this keyboard add ‌flair to ​your gaming setup, but it’s⁤ also ergonomically designed for comfort during those‍ marathon gaming sessions. Plus,​ the integrated wrist rest​ ensures that you can‍ maintain peak performance ‍without sacrificing comfort.

But it’s ​not just​ about looks—the functionality of this combo set is top-notch. ⁣With ‍25 conflict-free‍ keys and 10 dedicated multimedia keys ‌on the gaming keyboard, along with‌ 12⁢ additional FN+ multimedia keys, totaling 114⁢ keys, every keystroke is precise and ‌responsive.⁣ And let’s⁣ not ‍forget about ‍the wired gaming mouse, which boasts up to 3200 DPI, 30G acceleration, and weight tuning options. With 6 ⁢buttons, 5 of which ‌are programmable,‍ and a ⁢high-precision sensor, you’ll have ‍the edge you need to dominate the ⁤competition. Compatible with Windows and most ​major⁣ computer brands, this ⁣combo set truly offers everything a PC gamer ⁤needs.

Check it out on Amazon for the ultimate gaming experience!

Delving into the Performance ⁣and Customization‌ Options

Gamer’s Dream: Redragon RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo插图5

When it comes to ‍performance and customization, this gaming keyboard ‌and mouse combo truly shines. With seven different RGB ​lighting modes and effects, including adjustable brightness levels and breathing speed, the ambiance of your gaming environment⁤ can be completely transformed. Whether ⁢you prefer a subtle glow‌ or a ⁣dynamic light‍ show, the options are at⁤ your⁣ fingertips. Additionally, the⁣ ergonomic ​design of both the keyboard and mouse ensures comfort during‌ even the longest gaming sessions, with features ‍like an integrated wrist‍ rest and weight ⁢tuning set for the mouse.

Feature Description
RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard Seven ⁣different RGB‍ lighting modes and effects, four backlight brightness levels, adjustable breathing speed
Wired‌ Gaming⁣ Mouse Up to 3200 DPI with user-adjustable⁢ settings, 30G acceleration, ⁣weight tuning set, and six programmable buttons
Compatibility Works well with ​Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP, and limited Mac ⁢OS support

Moreover, the multi-media and anti-ghosting features ‍of the keyboard provide an added ⁣layer of functionality, with dedicated ⁤multimedia keys and a full numeric keypad for convenience. With⁤ 25 conflict-free keys and additional ‌FN+ multimedia keys, ​totaling 114 keys, every⁢ keystroke is ​precise and reliable. Plus, the gold-plated corrosion-free ⁣USB connector ensures a stable connection for optimal‌ gaming performance. ⁢Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual player, ⁢this combo offers the ⁣customization ⁢and‍ performance you need ⁣to elevate your ⁤gaming experience ​to new heights.


Based on our extensive experience with the product, we highly ⁣recommend the Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and M601 Mouse Combo for both novice and seasoned gamers alike. With ⁢its vibrant ‌RGB‍ backlighting and customizable​ effects, ‍this combo effortlessly elevates⁢ your gaming environment, adding a touch of ‌style to your⁢ setup.

The ‍ RGB⁣ backlit gaming keyboard not only enhances the ambiance but ⁢also offers exceptional functionality. With ⁢multiple lighting modes,⁢ adjustable brightness‌ levels, and a ⁤durable design capable of withstanding liquid spills, ‍it’s a reliable choice for⁣ intense⁢ gaming sessions. The integrated​ wrist rest ensures comfort during prolonged use, while the anti-ghosting feature and multimedia⁤ keys enhance overall performance. Paired with the ergonomic wired gaming mouse, which boasts customizable DPI settings and ⁢programmable ‍buttons, this ⁣combo provides precision and responsiveness essential for competitive gaming. Compatible with a wide range of‍ operating systems and computer brands, it offers versatility without compromising on⁢ performance.

Check it ⁣out on Amazon

Maximizing Your Gaming Experience: Our Expert Suggestions

When it comes to ‍enhancing your gaming setup, lighting can make all ​the‌ difference. With RGB backlit gaming keyboards, such as the one included in this combo‌ set, you’re not only adding a pop of color to your ‌gaming environment but⁣ also ‌creating an immersive ‌ambiance.⁢ With 7 different‌ RGB lighting modes and effects, including adjustable brightness levels and breathing speed, you can tailor your keyboard’s appearance to match your mood or gaming aesthetic.⁣ Plus, the ability to disable the ‍WIN key during gaming ensures uninterrupted gameplay, while the integrated⁤ wrist rest provides ⁣comfort during those ⁢marathon gaming sessions.

Features Description
RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard 7 different RGB lighting modes & effects
4 backlight‌ brightness levels
Adjustable breathing speed

But it’s not just about aesthetics; functionality is‌ key. This combo set offers a wired gaming ⁣mouse with ergonomic design and customizable features to ⁣enhance your gaming performance. With‍ up to 3200 DPI and 30G acceleration, coupled ‍with programmable ​buttons, ⁢you ⁢have the​ precision and responsiveness needed to gain ​an edge over your competition. Moreover, the compatibility ​of both the keyboard⁣ and mouse with various operating ⁢systems ensures that no ​matter your setup, ⁤you’ll be ready to dive into your favorite games ‍without any compatibility issues. So why wait? Elevate your gaming experience today with this ⁤value-packed combo set!

Get Yours ⁢Now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Review Analysis
“Let me start by saying, I love this product. I can say with complete honesty,‍ that I do not‍ think you can find a⁢ better Mouse/Keyboard ⁢combo out there for the ⁣price ($27.99 with free ⁢2-day shipping‍ w/ my Prime subscription). Having ⁤said that, please understand that you are ​getting a mouse/keyboard combo on the cheap, and although in this case I don’t ⁣necessarily agree with ⁣the “you get what you⁤ pay ‌for” sentiment because this has far exceeded my expectations for the price, it ⁤is still​ a $30‍ combo so keep that in mind when purchasing as not to be disappointed if⁢ you are ​expecting this thing ​to walk your dog. It‌ does not come with‍ software,⁤ does not have macros, etc. (although it does ‌have function⁢ keys for your basics like changing⁢ volume, media ⁤player play/pause, next track, etc.)​ In other‌ words, it‌ is not full of bells and whistles,‍ but if you are just looking ‍for a solid gaming combo for a low price⁢ than ‌you really ​can’t beat this combo.” This review highlights the exceptional value proposition of the Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and ​M601 ⁢Mouse Combo. Despite its affordable price,⁢ it surpasses expectations, offering solid gaming performance without unnecessary‌ frills. Lack ​of macros and‌ software is ⁣noted, but for the price,⁢ it’s an⁣ unbeatable deal.
“The keyboard has a ‌solid construction despite being all plastic,‍ and the keys have ‌great tactile⁢ feedback, ⁤probably the⁢ best I have experienced for a non-mechanical‍ keyboard. It is precise and responsive. The one complain I have with⁣ the ​keyboard is something other reviewers have already ‌mentioned; the enter key ‍is that strange ‘tall’ type that relocates ⁤the ” ‌key next to it instead​ of ⁣above it. In my case​ this is not a‌ big deal at all⁣ because I do not use that key ‍often, but ⁣I could see it being a problem if‍ I⁤ did so you will⁣ want to be aware. The ability ‍to swap the arrow and WASD keys is⁣ neat, but for​ me it is just a gimmick as I always‍ use WASD when gaming anyway. With the feet⁢ down, the keyboard sits at a nice angle⁣ and I have been able to game ‌for periods of 4+ hours without any discomfort.” This review praises the​ solid ⁤construction and ⁢tactile feedback ⁣of the‌ Redragon keyboard, noting ⁢its responsiveness⁤ and ‌comfort during extended gaming sessions. However, a minor gripe is mentioned regarding the layout of the⁣ enter key. Overall, it’s⁢ commended for⁢ its gaming performance and ergonomic design.
“Moving⁤ on to the mouse, I bought this combo originally because my Logitech G9 I have been using for the last 5 years got spilled on, ‍and ​shorted out. I loved that mouse and at⁤ the time I paid $70 for it when ⁤I ⁢bought it. Now that I ⁤am married ‌and with⁣ a child, I do not have $70 to spend on a mouse, so I came to amazon to look​ for decent gaming mouse. My ⁣budget was⁢ $30. After some research I ‍came across this combo.” This⁤ review recounts ‌the customer’s positive experience with the M601 mouse ⁣after transitioning from a⁤ higher-priced ⁤Logitech mouse. Despite initial skepticism ⁢due to the budget-friendly price, the mouse’s performance and features exceeded ‍expectations,​ making it a worthy‌ replacement.

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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1.⁢ RGB Backlighting: 7 vibrant lighting ⁤modes create‌ an​ immersive gaming experience.
2. Ergonomic⁤ Design: Comfortable wrist rest and mouse design for long gaming sessions.
3. Programmable Keys: Customize keys for personalized ‌gaming preferences.
4.​ Compatibility: Works ​seamlessly ‍with major⁢ computer brands and gaming PCs.
5. Durable Construction: Built to withstand liquid spills ⁣and deliver longevity.


1. Limited Mac⁣ OS Support: Not fully compatible with Mac ​operating systems.
2. ⁣Wired Connectivity: May restrict movement‌ for some users compared‌ to wireless options.
3. Learning Curve: Initial setup and customization may require time for unfamiliar users.


Q&A Section
Q: Is the‍ Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Combo suitable‍ for professional gamers?
A:‍ Absolutely! The ⁤Redragon S101 combo is designed to meet the demands of both casual and professional​ gamers alike. With its RGB backlighting, customizable keys, ​and ergonomic design, it provides the performance ​and comfort needed‌ for⁢ long gaming sessions.
Q: Can I adjust the backlighting on the keyboard and mouse?
A:‍ Yes, you ‍can! The Redragon S101 combo offers 7 different⁢ RGB⁣ lighting modes ⁤and effects for both the ‍keyboard and mouse. You can also adjust the ‍brightness⁢ levels and​ breathing ‌speed to suit your preferences and ⁤gaming ambiance.
Q: How ​durable is the keyboard ​and mouse?
A: Both the keyboard ‍and mouse are‌ built ⁣to ⁤withstand the rigors‌ of⁣ gaming. The keyboard features a spill-resistant design, while the mouse utilizes high-precision sensors‌ and ‍gaming-grade micro ‌switches for longevity, durability, and extreme responsiveness.
Q: Does ⁤the keyboard have anti-ghosting features?
A: Yes,​ the Redragon S101 keyboard is equipped‍ with anti-ghosting technology, ‍ensuring that every keystroke is registered accurately, even during intense gaming sessions. With 25⁤ conflict-free keys and 10 dedicated ⁢multimedia keys, you’ll have precise control over your gameplay.
Q: ​Is the Redragon S101 combo compatible with my​ computer?
A: The Redragon ​S101 combo‌ is ‌compatible ⁣with most Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, ⁤and ‌XP. While it ‌also offers limited Mac OS keyboard support, it works seamlessly with all ​major ⁣computer brands and gaming PCs.

Transform Your ‌World

As we wrap up our journey ‍through the realms of gaming excellence with the Redragon⁤ S101 Gaming Keyboard and M601 Mouse combo, it’s clear that this set is ‌more than just a mere collection of​ peripherals. It’s a gateway ⁣to a whole new dimension of immersive gaming experiences.
With its mesmerizing RGB backlighting, customizable effects, and ergonomic design, ‍every keystroke and mouse movement feels like a‍ symphony of precision and style. Whether you’re embarking on an epic quest​ or engaging in‍ an ⁢intense​ multiplayer showdown, this ⁤combo ‍is your ​trusted companion, ready ⁣to elevate your gameplay to new‌ heights.
But it’s not just about gaming. The‌ Redragon​ S101 combo seamlessly transitions ‌from virtual battles to real-world tasks, thanks to its versatile features and sturdy construction. From typing ‍up reports⁢ to ⁢navigating multimedia, ‌it’s a tool that ‍adapts to your needs⁢ with ease.
So why settle for anything‍ less? Experience the magic of the Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and M601 Mouse combo for yourself and unlock⁢ a world of endless possibilities. Your gaming journey awaits—take the first step towards greatness⁣ now!
Discover the Redragon S101 ⁤Gaming Keyboard & Mouse‌ Combo

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