Enhance Your iPad Experience with BLUTLOTUS Keyboard Case!

Enhance Your iPad Experience with BLUTLOTUS Keyboard Case!

Are you tired ⁢of switching‍ between⁣ your⁢ iPad ⁢and laptop for different tasks? Well, we were too, until we found the BLUTLOTUS iPad Keyboard Case for ​9th/8th/7th Generation iPads and iPad 10.2/10.5‍ models. This innovative⁤ product combines the convenience ‌of⁤ a detachable‌ wireless‍ backlit keyboard with the functionality ⁤of a protective case, complete with a pencil‍ holder. We recently got our hands on this keyboard case in the stylish Teal color, and we must say, we were impressed. Let’s dive⁣ into our first-hand experience with the⁢ BLUTLOTUS iPad‍ Keyboard Case and see ‌if it ⁤lives up to its promise of making typing on your iPad as seamless as ⁤using a laptop.

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Our iPad​ Keyboard Case for the 9th/8th/7th Generation iPad and iPad Pro 10.5 is a versatile and stylish accessory that enhances⁣ your tablet experience. ⁤The case features a detachable wireless keyboard with 7 color backlit options and a pencil holder, ⁣making it perfect for typing in low light conditions and keeping your stylus close at ⁣hand. The anti-scratch case and precise cut-outs provide​ protection and easy access to all ports and buttons,‍ while the⁣ scissor key structure offers⁤ a soft and smooth typing experience.

With wireless ⁤backlit keyboard connectivity within‍ 10 feet,⁤ typing on your iPad feels like using a ‌laptop.⁣ The auto sleep/wake function helps save battery life, while the anti-slip groove‍ design provides multiple viewing ⁤angles for added convenience. Whether you’re ‍working, studying, or simply browsing‌ the web, our‍ iPad Keyboard ​Case offers a comfortable and practical solution⁢ to enhance your tablet usage. Check out this amazing product on Amazon‌ to elevate your iPad experience today!

Impressive Features ⁢and Functionality

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The iPad Keyboard Case for 10.2″ and 10.5″⁤ iPads truly ​stands out with its ⁣. The ‍wireless backlit keyboard allows for easy typing ‍experience‌ within a 10 feet range, making it feel like using a laptop. The⁣ anti-scratch case and precise cut-outs⁣ ensure the iPad is well-protected from drops and falls, while the ⁤built-in pencil holder securely ⁣stores your stylus pen. The scissor key structure​ provides a soft and smooth typing ⁤experience, and ‍the anti-slip​ groove design offers multiple‍ viewing⁤ angles for added convenience.

The 7 color backlit detachable wireless Bluetooth keyboard supports​ Windows, iPad, and Android systems, providing versatility in​ usage. Adjusting the backlight mode is easy – simply ⁣press ​the light ​bulb key ​next to the space ⁤bar to turn on the keyboard backlit and press the RGB button to switch‍ to the color you prefer. The keyboard is‍ also rechargeable and has an auto sleep/wake function, further enhancing the user experience. For those looking for a functional and stylish keyboard case for their iPad, this product with multiple viewing angles and hybrid shockproof protective cover⁤ is a great ‌choice. So why wait? Add it to your cart now⁢ and elevate your iPad ⁢experience today!

In-depth Analysis and User Experience

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Our team⁣ recently had the ‌opportunity to try out the iPad Keyboard ⁢Case for ⁣10.2″/10.5″ iPads and we were impressed by ⁣the‌ features and functionality it offers. The wireless backlit keyboard with a range of up to ⁢10​ feet provides a laptop-like‌ typing experience, while the anti-scratch case and precise cut-outs protect the iPad ⁢from drops‍ and⁤ falls. The built-in pencil holder is a⁢ convenient​ addition, ensuring that your stylus pen​ is always within reach.

One standout feature of this keyboard case is⁤ the scissor key structure, which⁣ provides a soft and smooth typing experience. The anti-slip groove‌ design‌ also ⁤allows for multiple viewing angles, catering to different user‍ preferences. Additionally,⁣ the auto sleep/wake function helps to⁢ save⁤ battery life on the​ iPad. With compatibility ‍with a range of‍ iPad models, including the iPad 7th/8th/Air 3/Pro​ 10.5, this keyboard case ​is ⁢a versatile ‌and practical accessory for your tablet.‌ For those looking to enhance their iPad experience ‌with a keyboard case, we highly recommend ⁣checking ⁤out ⁢the BLUTLOTUS ‍iPad Keyboard Case.

Recommendations for Optimal Use

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For optimal use of‌ our iPad Keyboard‍ Case for 10.2″/10.5″ iPads, we recommend ⁢the following tips:

  • Charge the Keyboard: Make sure⁤ to charge the keyboard ​for 2-3 hours the first time⁢ you use it ‌to ensure optimal performance.
  • Connecting the Keyboard: Push the power switch ‌button to​ the‌ ON position, then press the “connect” button for 3 seconds​ until the⁣ WIFI blue light flashes. Turn on the Bluetooth of your⁣ iPad and‍ choose ⁢the “Bluetooth⁣ Keyboard” option in the searching page to connect.

To get ⁣the most out of your colorful backlit keyboard and protective case, follow these ‌additional recommendations:

  • Adjusting the Backlit Keyboard: After turning on the keyboard switch, press ‍the ​”light bulb” key next to the space ​bar to turn on the keyboard backlit. Press the RGB button next to it to switch to the color you ⁢like.
  • Using the Magnetic Case: The magnetic case allows for‍ multiple viewing angles and positions ​for typing. If you don’t need the ⁤keyboard, simply remove it ‍and use the ‌iPad case separately.

For a seamless⁢ and enjoyable typing experience‍ on ​your iPad, make sure ⁢to follow these . Check out our product on Amazon for more‍ details.

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

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“I didn’t want ⁣to spend a ton of‌ money after buying ​a ​new ⁣iPad just⁤ to get a keyboard case, so I purchased this and I love it! It’s a bit thicker than the original one ​from Apple, ​but it works well, and‍ you are able to⁣ do a little more with it than you can the Apple one. It linked up very easily and so far the battery has lasted quite well. It has a place to store your⁤ pencil ⁤and is just very ⁤versatile. I was able to get this case, a pencil, and screen protectors cheaper than just an Apple ⁤keyboard case. If you don’t mind the ⁢thickness and weight of this case, it’s ⁢well worth it.”
“It’s ‌a very good keyboard. Not too small, very intuitive and ​very easy to ⁤install.‌ I’m pleased with ⁤the ‌purchase”
– iPad ⁢a bit wobbly when it’s in ‌the “standing” mode
– keyboard easy to connect and OK quality
– color isn’t close to the advertised picture at all – it’s​ more⁣ light salmon color than‍ pink.
– overall OK‍ quality given the ‌price
“This is ​a very nice and sturdy case and keyboard. Just what I was looking for and a very reasonable price.”
“It’s small and convenient​ to use.‌ The⁣ keyboard connected right away.​ I like that the keyboard is magnetic and‌ can ​be removed.”
“Overall,‌ the keyboard​ was nice, but unfortunately that was ⁤about all I ⁢liked. Overall, the case ⁤is very⁢ thick. As others have stated, ‍the ⁤keyboard hits the monitor and it is⁢ not‍ fixed within the case. It is held⁤ on by magnets.​ I‌ didn’t find the magnets ‍to ⁣be very strong. There keyboard is only about half the depth ⁢of the‍ iPad, so ⁣when it is closed,​ the iPad ⁣rocks on the keyboard. Also, it does not have the ‌functionality to turn the​ iPad off ⁢when closed. I ⁣have been ‌using the Apple keyboard/case, which finally gave​ out, ‍so I⁤ guess my bar is pretty high. It’s not a bad product, ⁤and ⁤again,​ I liked the keyboard itself, it is just overall not as functional and convenient as I had expected. I returned⁤ it.”
“I like everything about the case from the keyboard ⁢to Apple Pencil holder. The keyboard has a purple backlit color. The material used to ​make the case is ‍very soft but yet the iPad is still protected. I ⁣love how it came with its own charging​ cable as well.”
“I⁣ like the wireless keyboard. It ‌paired very​ easily. So far it’s working really well. 😊 thank you”
“Best ‌keypad I’ve ever bought. Works perfect with my ⁤iPad and stays charged for⁢ a very long time.”
“Great value ⁢for⁣ the ⁢price! keyboard keys are a little‍ bit hard to press sometimes (not very ​smooth if⁤ you want to⁢ write quickly) ​but‌ overall very good!”
“Honestly, ⁣first ‌thoughts? ⁤It’s amazing.​ It’s super sturdy on the outside, it’s not⁣ too hard to put my pencil in or get it out the holder, connecting to Bluetooth was super ​easy – the light backdrop is an ⁣added feature ​too. The magnetic is not that great but it holds it down securely but be careful ‌when opening it just in case. Some of​ the ​keys are ⁢just a little wonky too but it’s nothing‍ serious. The ‌delete button turns off your iPad for ⁣you and the caps lock (if you have a second language on) changes between ​English and my other language. The shift works for caps though so it’s sort of a‌ fixed problem 😅 I have a ‌charger‍ already for the keyboard but they should’ve added a compatible one‌ just in case. I also‍ don’t know ⁤long it‍ lasts without ‌a charge but we’ll see! Hopefully it holds off long and I don’t need to get a new one in a long​ time!”
“Works well. Easy to​ set up.⁢ Nice that the keyboard lights ⁤up.”
“Love the color and quality of this case.‌ Have not had time to connect the‌ keyboard yet but it fits the ⁣cover very well.⁢ Product arrived early which is always a bonus!”

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Colorful Backlit Keyboard
2. Hybrid Shockproof Protective Cover
3. Multiple‌ Viewing Angles
4. Removable Magnetic Keyboard
5.​ Built-in Rechargeable Keyboard
6. Auto Sleep/Wake‍ Magnetic Case
7. ‍10.2/10.5⁢ inch iPad Case with Pencil Holder


1. No pen‌ or charger‍ included

Overall, the ‌BLUTLOTUS Keyboard Case offers a range of convenient features like colorful‍ backlit​ keyboard, shockproof protective cover, and multiple viewing angles.⁢ The built-in rechargeable keyboard and auto sleep/wake function ‌add to the usability of this product. However, ‌one⁤ downside is ‍that it does not come with a pen or charger included. But with its ⁢compatibility⁣ with various iPad models and​ durable design,‌ this keyboard case is a great addition to ‌enhance your ⁢iPad‍ experience.


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Q: ​Can the backlit keyboard⁢ be adjusted to different ​colors?
A: Yes, the backlit ⁣keyboard⁤ can be adjusted to different colors. Simply press ‌the “light bulb” key next to the space bar to turn on the backlit ‌keyboard. ⁣Then press the RGB button next to ⁣it to switch to the color ‍you like.

Q: How⁤ do I connect​ the backlit keyboard to⁤ my iPad?
A: To‌ connect the backlit keyboard to your iPad, push the power switch button to the ON position to turn⁤ on the keyboard. Then press the “connect” button for 3 seconds until the WIFI blue light⁢ flashes. Press “Fn” plus “C” at the same​ time to turn on the Bluetooth of‌ the keyboard. Turn on the Bluetooth of your iPad and choose ⁣the “Bluetooth ‌Keyboard” option in the searching page to connect.

Q: Is the keyboard detachable?
A: Yes,​ the keyboard is detachable. You can easily remove⁢ the keyboard and⁤ wear the iPad case when you don’t‍ need the Bluetooth ⁣keyboard for⁤ your iPad.

Q: Does the case have⁢ a ⁤pencil holder?
A: Yes,⁢ the case has a built-in pencil holder that provides⁣ a secure place to ⁤store your stylus pen.

Q: What iPad models are compatible ⁢with this keyboard case?
A:⁤ This keyboard​ case is compatible with the iPad 7th/8th/Air‌ 3/Pro 10.5 models. Please check the ⁣back bottom⁤ of your iPad to find the model number that matches the compatibility list provided.

Reveal the Extraordinary

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As we wrap up our review ⁣of the BLUTLOTUS iPad Keyboard Case, we can confidently ‌say that this product⁢ truly enhances the iPad experience with its innovative ‌features and functionality. From the colorful backlit keyboard to the protective casing with a built-in ‍pencil holder, this⁤ keyboard case is a​ must-have for any iPad user ⁣looking to maximize productivity.

If you’re ready to ‍take your iPad‌ to the next level, click the link ‌below to add the ⁤BLUTLOTUS Keyboard ‍Case to your cart now:

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Thank you for reading our review and happy typing!

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